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Sodium Permanganate

Sodium Permanganate Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

As a premier Sodium Permanganate manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Speed International India Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in producing and delivering this remarkable chemical compound. Our commitment at Speed International India Pvt. Ltd. is to produce and deliver Sodium Permanganate of the highest quality, adhering to the most stringent industry standards and fulfilling a variety of industrial needs. We welcome inquiries for all your Sodium Permanganate requirements.

Sodium permanganate, also known as NaMnO4, is a chemical similar to potassium Permanganate but has its own advantages. It’s true that making sodium permanganate can be a bit more expensive than potassium permanganate, but it has a special feature – it dissolves really well in water. This makes it great for certain situations where we need a lot of MnO4− in a solution.

Sodium permanganate (NaMnO4) is closely related to potassium permanganate, but it is more costly to produce and, therefore inferior. Nonetheless, its highly soluble nature makes it attractive for use in specific applications where high concentrations of MnO4− are required. Its populating use in water treatment has increased due to its usefulness in controlling taste, odour, and zebra mussel. Moreover, the V-2 rocket famously used a combination of sodium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide to power its steam turbo-pump. This salt is commonly encountered as a monohydrate, as it attracts moisture from the air and has a low melting point.

Sodium Permanganate Manufacturer

Chemical Nature

Chemical Name Sodium Permanganate
Trade Name Sodium Permanganate
Molecular Formula NaMnO4
Molecular Weight 141.9254 g/mol
CAS Number 10101-50-5
UN Number 3214
EINECS Number 233-251-1

Grades Of
Sodium Permanganate Offered:

Sodium Permanganate - 40% Solution

Sodium Permanganate - 20% Solution

Applications & Uses of Sodium Permanganate

Sodium Permanganate is a powerful oxidizer with a wide range of applications, including :

  • Water Treatment
  • Disinfectant
  • Industrial Processes
  • Environmental Remediation

PCB Industry

In the electronics sector, high temperatures during boring can effectively turn prepreg into glue residue. We can then use sodium permanganate's strong oxidizing properties to eliminate this waste through the sodium permanganate method. Due to its high solubility, Sodium permanganate aqueous solutions can be employed for myriad applications. PCBs often use these solutions as cleaning agents.

Drinking Water Treatment

Sodium permanganate is an excellent oxidant choice for water treatment sites where subsurface utilities and equipment must remain unaffected by the injection solution. It maintains a neutral pH, emits no gas or heat when reacting with pollutants, and its dark purple hue makes it easy to identify in monitoring wells. Additionally, sodium permanganate has many applications, such as regulating the taste and odour of water, reducing iron and manganese levels, eliminating colouration, and decreasing radium concentration.

Permanganate has many practical purposes, from taste and odour control to removing colour, iron, and manganese. It's also effective in controlling biological growth in treatment plants and reducing the demand for other disinfectants by inhibiting the formation of trihalomethanes.

In water treatment applications on a large scale, permanganate of sodium or potassium is most often added at the start of the treatment at the raw water intake. After this oxidation process, conventional treatment and filtration, use of granular activated carbon (GAC), membrane filtration, and chlorine disinfection could follow.

API or Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry

Bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates can be produced utilising diverse chemical processes. Oxidation is one of them, and it features Sodium/Potassium permanganate that provides strong oxidising power while being cost-efficient. Hence, it is a favoured oxidiser for manufacturing Pharma Intermediates and Bulk Drugs.

Gas Purification

In distilleries, a sizeable amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is released during fermentation. This gas has multiple industrial uses in Food, Pharma, Steel and related sectors. However, this CO2 bears a foul smell, for which it must be processed with Sodium/ Potassium permanganate solution to make it odourless and devoid of any other unwanted elements. Once properly treated, the pure CO2 gas is ready to be used as required.

Why Choose Speed International India Pvt. Ltd?

We are one of the leading sodium permanganate manufacturers in India, with an excellent track record for superior quality and competitive prices. We are a leading distributor, supplier, and exporter of sodium permanganate in India. We export / supply sodium permanganate all over the globe and majorly in the USA, Bangladesh, Qatar and Belgium.


Sodium permanganate is available in the following grades:

  • Sodium Permanganate 20% Solution

  • Sodium Permanganate 40% solution

Sodium permanganate can be packed in the following weight matrices:

  • 250 kgs. HDPE drums

  • 1,250 kgs. or 1,360 kgs. IBC Containers/Totes

The Sodium Permanganate Price Range is INR 180 per kg. (USD 2,200/MT).

For the most recent and an updated price range, please contact our sales or customer service team.

Yes, Speed International does have an NSF certificate for exporting this product in the global market. You can click on the link to view the certificate.

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