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Rubber Expansion Joints (Bellows)

Rubber Expansion Joints (Bellows) Supplier in India

Rubber Expansion Joints are included in industrial piping systems to accommodate movement caused by Thermal and Mechanical changes in the system thereby minimizing the transfer of forces to sensitive components in the system.We have established ourselves as a prominent supplierto the HVAC industry, particularly in the replacement market.

Rubber Expansion Joints Manufacturer

We offer all sizes of Bellows and we do it by Moulds for sizes upto 1" to 12" and use Wrapping Hand Built Process for bigger sizes. We have inhouse capacity to develop Rubber Compounds to meet specific parameters and end use.

Moulded Bellows

Inner Diameter ranges from 25mm to 300mm (1" to 12")

Single Arch Design Only

Pressure will be upto 25 kgs.

Hand Built Wrapping Process

Inner Diameter as per Buyer's Requirement

Pressure will be upto 16 kgs.

Why Choose Speed International India Pvt. Ltd?

When you pick Speed International India Pvt. Ltd. for Rubber Expansion Joints (Bellows), you’rechoosing a trustworthy partner. We focus on offering top-notch quality, affordability, and outstanding service. Your happiness matters most to us, and we're excited to meet your RubberExpansion Joint needs.

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